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Protecting Your Children And Your Parental Rights

Out of all the aspects of family law, child custody can be one of the most contentious and emotionally draining. Because of the high expectations and stress in these situations, it’s important to find a qualified custody attorney that can keep things calm and moving forward. Here at Luff Strenfel, we pride ourselves on advocating for our client’s needs, while maintaining open, respectful communication between all parties. In the end, child custody arrangements, also called parenting plans, are about the best interests of the child, and we will go the extra mile to keep this the priority.

A Custody Order Should Reflect Your Family’s New Reality

We understand that when a family undergoes restructuring due to divorce, separation or other changes, it is stressful for everyone, but especially the kids. You want the best for your children while finding some common ground with your co-parent(s), and you can count on our legal team to help with that. Luff Strenfel comprises some of the most experienced family law lawyers in Chester County, with over 15 years of litigation experience, and we promise to help you create the family plan that makes sense for you. Child custody arrangements can have long-lasting effects, so don’t attempt to handle yours without a qualified attorney. Let our dedicated, compassionate team assist you in reaching a resolution with everyone in mind.

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