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Child Support Representation For Mothers And Fathers

You need financial help to raise your children, it can be hard knowing where to start or who to turn to for help. The Pennsylvania family court system can be confusing, which is the last thing that most people want to deal with after a divorce or other major life changes. Here at Luff Strenfel, we are committed to helping parents find the support arrangement that works for them while keeping with the local laws. Child support is calculated using a variety of factors, like parental income, insurance premiums, day care costs, Social Security benefits and many more. In order to get official child support documentation, you will need a qualified lawyer to help you file the right paperwork and represent you in any court proceedings.

Establishing And Modifying Child Support In Pennsylvania

Whether you are looking to establish or modify a support order, it’s important to consult with a family law firm in Chester County. Because child support is calculated according to state guidelines and approved by a judge, this is not something that you can handle on your own. Our team at Luff Strenfel knows how critical this support can be to a child’s well-being, and we’ll work hard to make sure your concerns are heard and your case moves forward smoothly. Your child’s financial, educational and medical needs can be established and met when you choose to work with us.

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