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Common Mistakes Made by Car Accident Victims

Luff Strenfel LLP July 12, 2022

A startling amount of car accident victims never receive the full compensation their respective situations warranted. A large majority of the time, the failure to win a full financial recovery is due to common mistakes injury victims made that negatively impacted their claims.

Below are some of the common mistakes we see at Luff Strenfel LLP:

1) Providing a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster without first consulting with Luff Strenfel

2) Signing insurance documents without first consulting with Luff Strenfel

3) Unnecessarily putting off medical treatment or waiting too long to seek medical care after the accident

4) Not following a physician’s orders

5) Not collecting or keeping detailed records of out of pockets expenses related to the accident (medical co-pays, prescriptions costs, wage loss documents, etc.)

6) Settling too quickly before a full medical diagnosis is completed or before consulting with Luff Strenfel

Always remember that the first priority for insurance company representatives is to save their billion-dollar employer money off the bottom line. Your best interests are simply not their concern.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an auto accident call Luff Strenfel LLP today to ensure your legal rights are enforced and all available benefits are provided!