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My Child’s Mother/Father Does Not Stick to Our Custody Agreement, What Should I Do?

Luff Strenfel LLP Nov. 4, 2018

My child’s mother/father does not stick to our custody agreement, what should I do? If you have a court ordered custody agreement it should be followed as closely as possible. However, the court does believe that parents should exhaust every avenue without the courts help before coming to the court to solve a problem involving custody. If you find yourself struggling with what to do when a person is not following the agreed upon court order, you should speak to an attorney. If the infraction is serious enough, such as withholding the child from the other parent, or changing school without telling the other parent, then you should file for contempt. The court can punish the parent who has violated the order in a number of ways. (they can fine the parent, redo the court order to give the parent who violated less control, or even throw the parent in jail for a certain amount of time). After the court has decided what to do with the contempt, if there is still a problem, you may want to consider modifying the custody order. If you find yourself in any situation like this, please contact a lawyer that can help you navigate through the system and help you achieve your goals.