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Why Not Legalzoom?

Luff Strenfel LLP Nov. 10, 2018

Convenience is the paramount consideration in today’s world. Amazon can deliver almost anything to your door within 24 hours – sometimes the same day. So why not use a company like Legalzoom for your legal needs?

One reason is because you will be almost completely detached from those who will be preparing your documents. Most of the time you will complete a questionnaire and submit it – no personal consultation or evaluation. If any problem arises during the process is is nearly impossible to communicate directly with the Legalzoom employee preparing your “order”. You will be communicating with them through a call center … and we all know from experience how frustrating that is.

Another reason is the time it takes for Legalzoom to file the product that they produce. Assuming that they produce a document for you that requires filing, it is sent from their production location to a local courier service in your state. This adds time to the process. The courier will then bring the document for filing. If there is any issue, the document is sent back to Legalzoom’s production team and you are notified by email to call them and resolve the issue so that your documents can be corrected and sent out again to the local courier.

This is not how you want your legal affairs to be handled. A local attorney is able to communicate with you directly and will take responsibility for filing your documents; and, they will be able to provide a better product at a competitive price.

So, before you decide to use Legalzoom – or any document preparation service – talk to the lawyers at Luff Strenfel Attorneys at Law so that we can your matter the personal attention it requires.